About Me and My Island

Hi there! I’m from a little island called Jersey that you  either:

  1. Think is somewhere in America
  2. Associate with Jersey cows, Jersey Royal potatoes and that infamous 80s detective, Jim Bergerac
  3. Have never heard of

It’s situated somewhere in the English Channel between England and France and is a glorious place.  It’s packed full of sandy beaches, rocky cliff paths with amazing views and melt in your mouth creamy milk.

I love it.

But the occasional downside in this paradise is when we get to share the weather from the British side of the pond we’re floating in.  By British weather I don’t mean the pleasant sunny watching-cricket-whilst-scoffing-strawberries kind of day, I mean the days where it’s lashing down with the vast amounts of rain that makes the countryside precisely so green and pretty.  And living on top of a cliff when the wind is blowing a hoolie you certainly know about it!⛈🌬💨☔️

So on those dark stormy days we secure the doors and windows and bring out our hobbies. In my case I make things.

And despite having sworn 20 years ago (upon commencing a career in IT geekery) that in order to retain some sense of being a “proper girl” that I wouldn’t touch computers outside of work, here I am now turning to one to tell you about all the well rounded non-IT things I get up to.

Um might have just talked myself into a hole there. I’d better stop talking and just let you read the blog posts instead. Thanks for visiting me!


One thought on “About Me and My Island

  1. Melody Srygley says:

    Hi! So glad I found your blog! I would like to ‘sign up’n but don’t find a place to do so (on my phone).
    Can you please tell me how?

    PS I just checked the box below, so I’ll bet your posts hit my inbox soon! AND…I’m looking forward to it!

    Liked by 1 person

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